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Ten Tips for Choosing the Right B2B Sales Management Platform for Building Materials Industry

The building materials industry can be competitive, but you can remain ahead of your competition and succeed in your business with the right sales management platform. An intuitive and automated B2B ecommerce platform for building materials industry can be a great solution if you are looking to automate invoicing and order processing, while keeping your payment processing secure. Likewise, it will help you manage different price groups, track shipments, organize territories, and sell directly to your customers. Just be sure it has the following qualities:


1.Cutting-edge technology – Go for a platform that has been carefully developed for modern devices, including mobile phones, while ensuring that it is easy to learn and use.


2.A webstore – A good B2B ecommerce platform for building materials should let you build your own custom digital storefront where you can showcase products. It should simplify the way you develop categories for your inventory and designate pricing levels according to customer territories and tiers.


3.CRM – When ecommerce is integrated with a customer relationship management platform, it will be easier for you to keep track of your data, sales, and customers in one centralized location. This way, you can reduce the need to rely on third party installation and extensive personnel training.


4.Bespoke price catalogs – Go for a B2B ecommerce platform for building materials that allows you to create and send automated and custom price catalogs to your customers. Pricing can be based on their territory or individual price group.


5.Automated quotation process – This will speed up the way you get quotes from suppliers before online orders are placed. At the same time, it helps reduce errors.


6.Simplified ordering process – It should make it easier to track, create, receive, distribute, place, or review orders, while keeping any process secure.


7.Keep track of shipping and delivery – A good B2B ecommerce platform for building materials lets you manage and monitor partial and full shipments in real-time.


8.Electronic invoicing – Invoices will be sent automatically to reduce errors and the time spent in reminding customers about payments.


9.Good reviews – Read user feedback to learn about their experience and verify the credibility of the platform.


10.Ask for a demo – Some developers of B2B ecommerce platforms can provide a free demo to help you understand how their product can work for your business.

How to Work with Online Building Material Catalogs and Placing Orders?

Businesses selling building materials online typically follow and find success with the classic B2B marketing model. While this tried and tested strategy is already an established approach, there are ways that you can improve your capability to increase business growth and profitability such as with the use of modern online PO system and online building materials catalog.


There are numerous wholesale eCommerce solutions available and specifically designed for the construction industry in the market today. The best online PO system is one that can incorporate all product data you have in store within your existing ERP system. What this means for businesses offering building materials online is added efficiency and productivity, as these systems help eliminate manual data entry and other tedious processes involved in maintaining an online building materials catalog. With the right online PO system, your clients can have 24/7 access to accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information, enabling them to initiate transactions anywhere, anytime.


When you choose to work with an online building materials catalog solution, you benefit from an efficient system of marketing and selling building materials online. These solutions enable you to efficiently create a B2B eCommerce catalog of building materials, complete with all the product data and other critical information from your ERP. This will allow your clients to quickly find the building materials they need as you manage all your inventory in a convenient and efficiently integrated system. The right eCommerce solution also speeds up order processing, relieving your sales representatives from tedious processing tasks and reducing the amount of time spent on administrative work. The best ERP systems allow for automatic processing and validation of orders through an online PO system. Best of all, an integrated eCommerce and CRM platform with online building materials catalog allow you to make your business available and accessible to clients round the clock through a responsive, automated system.

How has the Direct Sale of Building Materials Become Easier than Before?

Digitization, increasing globalization, changing building regulations, and new and emerging competitors are all upending established practices and business models when it comes to the direct sale of building materials in the USA. Nowadays, manufacturers can use B2B eCommerce platforms to send online building materials catalogs, reinventing the wheel, gaining a competitive edge and making processes easier and more efficient than ever. How are companies innovating B2B eCommerce? Below are key trends surrounding the direct sale of building materials in the USA:

Vertical and horizontal integration – Another major benefit of recent B2B eCommerce solutions for manufacturers is the direct sale of building materials in the USA and the ability to provide one-stop shopping convenience to customers. eCommerce sites and platforms provide customers with a comprehensive online building materials catalog that is complete with everything they might need to complete their project. These online resources can provide customers not only with direct access to product inventories but also to a wealth of product information and other options to procure supplemental products along with installation services and other related offerings, supplying and satisfying multiple needs within a single location. This is one of the main reasons why eCommerce solutions are becoming such a widespread option for construction companies and building materials manufacturers in today’s increasingly modern and global market.


•Social selling – Social networks are proving to be crucial marketing channels for both B2B and B2C companies. Unlike traditional media, social networks don’t only work as broadcasting platforms, but as interactive channels through which companies can reach out to the right people at exactly the right time, using insightful content that helps drive sales. Techniques like social listening and conversation tracking are huge in building materials B2B eCommerce marketplaces, allowing companies and brands to monitor mentions of specific words or phrases, which they can leverage to increase direct sales.